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About our company

We started from a humble beginning

Every client’s project poses it’s own set of unique challenges in terms of fulfilling duties in compliances with the government’s requirements. It is impossible to produce an all-encompassing set of documents that completely satisfied everyone’s specific needs. Know Your Business(KYB) provides flexible services and is quick to adapt to our client’s diverse and varying needs.


Visa Processing
Government Compliance
Company Registration
Corporate Housekeeping
Issuing of Insurance
Trademark Registration

Our core value


We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and mutual respect in our internal and external relationships.

Quality and Excellence

We strive for superior performance in our communications, standards, processes, leadership, planning, programming, and execution.

Accountability and Empowerment

We believe in fostering a culture of respect for each other and accountability for our actions. We encourage entrepreneurial client service and individualism balanced with collaboration to ensure the best outcomes possible.



Our Mission

Our mission is to be a home of entrepreneurs. We provide a support system of consulting, solutions, training, advisories for clients to strengthen and grow their businesses through sustainable sales, operations, business knowledge, and job creation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide sustainable opportunities and connections to every entrepreneur especially startup companies. We want to be a trusted part of every business owner’s life with something we have given them, taught them or inspired them to do.


Corporate Philosophy

Know Your Business (KYB) philosophy is to create and develop valuable employee and customer relationships where we are all better as a result of having one another. The philosophy is to ensure that there is a constant flow of respect for time, care for each other’s well-being, and support for our mutual success in the form of providing instructions, knowledge, and resources to get the job done to the best of everyone’s ability.



Know Your Business (KYB) is a consulting firm based in Manila, Philippines. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas related to establishing businesses in the Philippines for both local and foreign companies. Our experienced team of professionals has worked with a wide network of startup companies and on various projects related to government compliance.



Quite simple — We provide practical solutions and efficient services so that businesses can work smarter, not harder. We are more than happy if our customers are happy.




Providing quality service begins with knowledge and is completed through dedication. Know Your Business (KYB) areas of practice include corporate structure for local and foreign registrations, partnerships, self-employed individuals and professional registration, special projects, investigative work, estate and inheritance tax, and other regulatory compliance and representations before government agencies. We have 9- years of experience in mastering the workings of the Philippine legal system and applicable laws and procedures in establishing companies and businesses in the Philippines.



Our Spaces

  • Office Space in Baguio
  • Office Space in Manila
  • Office Space in Makati
  • Office Space in Mandaluyong
  • Office Space in Muntinlupa
  • Office Space in BGC, Taguig
  • Office Space in San Juan
  • Office Space in Parañaque
  • Office Space in Pasig
  • Office Space in Quezon City


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